Meeting Daniel, Marian, Janet – 21st March

We met today and discussed the progress of the study. I showed them the next participant (p3’s) interview data and how I had started to break all the data down into themes. We discussed the themes and agreed that there were some nice patterns that were starting to emerge.

We discussed how the participants all seemed to have had a penchent for capturing colours that they like and all suggested that they got something out of doing this. It made them feel good. We also noted that the instances of use are varied between participants but that there is some crossover:








These are all reasons that have emerged for using the device.

We agreed that to move the research forwards, the best option looks to be to carry on with the study analysis and see if a key question emerges from this.

Marian thought that the key point is the instances of use. The choices that users are making about how to appropriate the device. She suggested that we should focus the analysis on how the users chose to use the device, because this its the really interesting bit. An analysis of this and of usability would be enough for a research study, she suggested. We agreed that I would carry on with more participants and then focus on arranging an analysis of the data.


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