1st February Meeting with Janet, Daniel and Marian

Today, we discussed the research protocol and spoke about how I need to develop a structured approach to setting up the research study.  These were the points raised in the meeting:

  • Emailing the consent form beforehand
  • Bring two copies of consent form to the meeting
  • Is could write a mini-script to check everything off and make sure I follow all the necessary steps
  • Don’t give participants too much to read
  • Framing of the study tips them off about what the questions will be like and this means it’s not necessary to preview the interview questions in the study setup meeting
  • I need a spare device
  • I need to make notes about everything that happens in the session.


Marian reiterated that it is important to start with open questions in the final interview:

Starting with, “so how was it for you?”

Start open and slowly funnel down to discover anything that has been missed.

When it goes wrong – we need a protocol for issues





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