Meeting with Mike, Janet, Daniel 9/11


We (Myself and Janet) met with Mike Hallett from Candlespark today. He told us some unfortunate news, that Candlespark may be about to fold s an organisation. He was fairly optimistic that a collaboration with another organisation in MK (Whose Name I have not made a note of!!!) We will keep tabs on when and how this takes hold

Mike spoke about questionnaires forms and the fact that prescriptive emotion scales are not very approachable for service users.

Following this meeting we had another meeting (Janet and Daniel) where we discussed technical issues with the prototype. This led to us questioning the very purpose of using the clock face design. We explored this idea and came to an agreement that the clock face is not ac tally that useful and as it is holding up the prototype development we could lose it. Instead we will just have a small number of led’s on the device. A kind of snapshot of emotion over a period rather than a full diary. This replicates what the clock did but is a more transitory design. More about emotion self understanding than self analysis. Another benefit is this makes it easier to use, more robust and smaller so it can fit in a pocket.

We had a brief discussion about my probation report. The outcome of this was that I would add more argumentation and detail about empirical studies to the literature review section.


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