Meeting with Janet, Daniel, Marian 29th November

Probation report – More information about the design of the device

Storyboard of the use of the device in the research approach section.

Design iterations – the story of how the project has developed – images. Too long to give to people in the setting.

What are design questions and how did we approach them and what research questions do they pose.

Use scenarios: Less prescriptive evaluation of how people are feeling


Write about what I’ve learned about prototyping. Gantt chart needs to incorporate these things

Discussion about meeting with these guys:

Counsellor – how might this be used of evaluation




4 critical things:

Viable research question.  Doesn’t need to be fixed

A critical literature review that situates the research

A research proposal with a critical justification for the proposed methods.

A research plan – gantt chart

Interviews are useful because

So I’m


Have I chosen the right method for finding out what people are experiencing?

Gant chart for completion

Marian: A cue for discussion in an evaluation situation.




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