Meeting with Daniel

We spoke about the study plan I’ve put together

The weakness of the questions is the lack of the persons wellbeing. How do we evaluate the impact?

Is there a way to monitor by proxy., so is it possible to monitor something else that may by presence or absence deem an impact on wellbeing?

Is there another way to get the person talk about their wellbeing and just give an account of it? Some kind of probe.

Who are the subjects? Should we be testing with a user group who are at-risk and one that isn’t at-risk? what’s the terminology. I quite like this – at-risk, not-at-risk

General advice – Research questions are they answerable – broad but have a strategy for answering it. this is crucail

Will it work across all the wellbeing targets?

Can we use the clinicians as a way to evaluate the impact on wellbeing?


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