Video about the research that Mary Czerwinbski and Asda Roseway have been doing for Microsoft Research on affective computing:

Video form Rosalind Picard on affective computing research findings at Microsoft Research:

Talks about electrodermal skin response (Galvabnic skin response) and facial affect recognition – calm sensor –

Talks about sympathetic nervous system – fight or flight response – detected with skin conductance response

Parasympathetic nervous system (parasympathetic system is responsible for stimulation of “rest-and-digest” or “feed and breed”) – detected with heartbeat level

The skins sympathetic nervous system can be analysed to determine when someone with epilepsy is having a seizure. This also tells us that their brain activity is reduced following the seizure

Talks about the embryonic link between the brain and skin

Cardio app – detects heartbeat and subsequently parasympathetic nervous system state by assessing the colours of the cheeks.

TEDx video from Rosalind Picard:


Daniel McDuff – TEDX – Emotions aware technology for wellbeing –



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