I’m considering using a semi-structured interview approach to monitor how the participants in the user study for the sprite catcher are using the device. Here are some online articles I’ve been reading to try and better understand how and when this qualitative research technique should be used:

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation 

  • “Silence (on the part of the interviewer) is golden and can give the interviewee time to think and speak.”
  • Semi-structured interviewing, according to Bernard (1988), is best used when you won’t get more than one chance to interview someone
  • “It is good design to have analysis and collection of interview data iterate, such that an interview is conducted and examined prior to additional interviewing *(the article list reasons for this…)
  • The inclusion of open-ended questions and training of interviewers to follow relevant topics that may stray from the interview guide does, however, still provide the opportunity for identifying new ways of seeing and understanding the topic at hand.
  • Semi-structured interviews also allow informants the freedom to express their views in their own terms.
  • Semi-structure interviews can provide reliable, comparable qualitative data.

Here is my first draft of questions that could act as a guide for the semi-structured interview – Semi-Structured interview


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