Task.jpgI’m planning to make a squeezable self-monitoring device for mood tracking. I’ve ordered some sponge foam and some plastidip for insulation so I can make spongy pressure sensors. I’m planning to use lights and haptics for the creation and visualisation of mood cues. I want to use a gyroscope for navigation between different days and time.

The idea is that this device is very simple to use and can be placed in your pocket or hung around your neck. It contrasts with the sprite catcher and offers different types of functionality:

It is small and can be fitted in your pocket. This makes it invisible to other people. It can be used during conversations because it requires less cognitive load from the user than the sprite catcher.  I am interested in the potential for subconscious mood tracking and this could be a channel towards that. This is a contrast with the mindful mood tracking required by the sprite catcher.

I’m going to use this technique below to make the pressure sensor.


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